Keep your personal information away from hackers 24×7

Everything from your web browsing to the smart devices installed in your home has the potential to erode your privacy and personal security. You must all do whatever you can to keep your personal information away from hackers. Your Personally Identifiable Information, known as PII, can include your name, physical home address, email address, telephone [...] Read more »

Stop viruses, phishing, malware and more with Ultimate Whole Home Wi-Fi

Stop viruses, phishing, malware and more with Ultimate Whole Home Wi-Fi and its new Protect IQ feature. Ultimate Whole Home Wi-Fi actively detects and blocks malicious websites, viruses, advanced threats and more using Protect IQ. You don’t need to manage any hardware or software. Simple! Since hackers are getting more sophisticated at gaining access to […]

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Internet parental controls help you enforce the rules

Internet parental controls are included in Alliance’s NEW Ultimate Whole Home WiFi plan. Now you can protect your children or grandchildren from harmful or inappropriate content, limit screen time on devices or applications, and more. So go ahead and set the rules using the My Alliance WiFi App. Then we’ll help you enforce them. How […]

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79 Netgear router models risk takeover

These 79 Netgear router models are at risk of takeover. Therefore, you need to upgrade your router if you’re using one of the models mentioned in this article from Bleeping Computer! An unpatched zero-day vulnerability allows an attacker to take full control over vulnerable devices remotely, the article said. If you’re tech savvy, feel free […]

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What a year! And the best is yet to come.

As another year has come and gone, 2019 was one for the books! I wanted to give you a recap of 2019 and a preview of our 2020 plans. Get ready for symmetrical gigabit Internet speeds, elite business services, a new retail office in Brandon, and more. FASTER INTERNET SPEEDS AND MORE WI-FI OPTIONS This […]

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