Fiber-optic internet is coming

Construction to bring Alliance Communications’ 100% fiber-optic network to more areas in southeast South Dakota will continue in 2024. We want to give those living within the project area details on what to expect.

Customers in central Lincoln County will be able to use Alliance services between summer 2024 and late fall 2024. Customers in rural areas north and south of Beresford should be activated by mid-summer 2025. Weather and supply chain issues could impact these timelines.

You’ll see the following contractors in the area:  FARR Technologies, T&T Underground, Telcom Construction, Vantage Point, Tri-State Utilities, Wiltech, Priority Line Construction, Spartan Utilities, CCS Inc., and New Era Underground.

If you want fiber but haven’t registered your address, don’t wait any longer. Call (605) 582-6311 today to ensure you’re included in our construction plans.

Alliance Communications is bringing a new fiber-optic network to portions of southeastern South Dakota. Register your address by calling (605) 582-6311 to get your fiber.

Construction Process

Phases 1-3 of construction will impact everyone within the project area. Phases 4-7 will impact only those who registered to receive services from Alliance.


Locating crews from Summit, USIC, and other utility companies will mark utility lines with flags and temporary paint to help ensure our contractors don’t damage buried utilities.


In the road right-of-ways and utility easements, construction crews will bury large fiber-optic cables 36-40 inches below the ground. They’ll also install fiber-optic cable markers, hand holes, and green pedestals.

If you registered your address to receive Alliance’s services, you’ll see a pedestal near your home. This pedestal is where the larger fiber-optic line in the right-of-way connects with the smaller line that runs to your home.


Crews will restore the right-of-way and replant grass within a few weeks after they complete construction. We encourage you to water the grass seed to help it grow.


Construction crews will plow or bore a smaller fiber-optic line from a pedestal in the right-of-way up to your home or business. They’ll use the route that you and the Alliance technician discussed during your site visit. If you haven’t scheduled your site visit yet, please contact us today. They’ll restore any disturbed land and replant grass seed within one week. You should water the grass seed as needed.


Crews will then splice together the fiber-optic line running from your location to the one in the right-of-way.


Crews will test the buried fiber to ensure data traffic is flowing correctly.


An Alliance representative will contact customers to install internet and/or phone services. Typical installation may include installing an optical network terminal (ONT) inside of your home or business, an Alliance WiFi router, wiring and jack.

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