Alliance Communications

Alliance Communications provides Internet, cable TV and telephone services to portions of South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa. As an Alliance customer, you will have access to an elite fiber-to-the-home network. With a fiber network, customers receive their services over optical fiber rather than copper telephone wires or coaxial cable. Connecting homes directly to fiber optics give you more bandwidth capacity. We hope you enjoy your services.

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Get rid of your paper bill and get a one-time $20 credit

Receive a one-time $20 credit by choosing to receive your bill only online. Not only will you reduce paper clutter, but you’ll also have extra money in your bank account. After you sign up to receive your bill online, you’ll receive an email from Alliance on or before the first of the month that lets […]

Sign up for Auto Bank Pay and receive a one-time $20 credit

Still mailing checks to pay your bill? Auto Bank Pay is an easier, better option. Now when you sign up for Auto Bank Pay, you’ll receive a one-time $20 credit. With Auto Bank Pay, Alliance will deduct your monthly bill amount from your bank account each month. You never have to worry about missing a […]

New internet packages offer more speed

Alliance’s new internet packages offer more speed to help give you a better experience as you add more connected devices into your home. “During the past year, customers’ internet usage patterns changed drastically,” said General Manager/CEO Ross Petrick. “As people add more connected devices such as security cameras, smart speakers, and smart appliances, they need […]

Parental controls put control back in your hands

Internet parental controls put control back in your hands. Go ahead and relax. Ultimate Whole Home Wi-Fi comes with Experience IQ parental controls and content restrictions. You can create profiles for family members and manage their screen time, online content and more with the My Alliance Wi-Fi App. What can you do with parental controls […]

Stop viruses, phishing, malware and more with Ultimate Whole Home Wi-Fi

Stop viruses, phishing, malware and more with Ultimate Whole Home Wi-Fi and its new Protect IQ feature. Ultimate Whole Home Wi-Fi actively detects and blocks malicious websites, viruses, advanced threats and more using Protect IQ. You don’t need to manage any hardware or software. Simple! Since hackers are getting more sophisticated at gaining access to […]