Questions about Wiring

Alliance Communications has a 100 percent fiber-optic network and requires certain wiring standards for the homeowner to receive cable TV, Internet, and phone services. Follow these tips for the best experience with your wired devices. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact our support team.

Home run Cat 5 wiring from the jack to the utility room. No daisy chain wiring. No splitters in the walls or jacks.

  • Digital cable TV and Internet jacks need 4 pair in the Cat 5. Run a separate Cat 5 for phone
  • Run Cat 5 wiring anywhere a TV might be in the future, for example, above fireplaces, higher up on living room walls, garage, covered patio/deck, etc.
  • Coax may go away in the future. Using Cat 5 will future proof the home.
  • Wherever Coax cable is run, a Cat 5 cable should be in the box too.  For Coax, use RG6, not RG-59.
  • You need rigid conduit from where we bury fiber outside the home to the utility room. This needs to be done before you sheetrock. Alliance does this for you, but we need your help to get it done in a timely manner.  Please contact us as soon as the home is enclosed.
  • You need an outlet in the utility room to plug in switches and power supplies.
  • You need room (2’ x 3’ minimum) on a board in the utility room to mount Alliance’s equipment (power pack, switch, wireless router, block, splitter)
  • Leave enough slack in utility room for wire termination.
  • Do not use bare staples for fastening wires.  You need to have a plastic shield between staple and wire (arrow T-59 staple).
  • RJ-45 jacks are wired out “TIA-568 B”

Please don’t hesitate to call 605-594-3411 if you have questions.

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