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In this guide, you will learn how to perform many common tasks on your Hosted Business phone, as well as make full use of your web portal.

This guide gives you quick access to instructions for the most common procedures.

Call Recording allows you to access and listen to recordings based on your hosted phone system settings and user access.

The Call History page contains information about each call attempt that was made in the system, known as the Enhanced Call Detail Record. The table view on the Call History page will default to display data from the last 24 hours and can be filtered for up to the last 60 days. Additional filters are available depending on user access.

Time Frames determine specific hours of certain days or a span of days when features such as answering rules, call queues, or auto attendants will be active. For example, Monday-Thursday 5pm-8am from January through May of this year.

SNAPbuilder is a user-friendly interface that allows for device button customization, template deployment, mass editing, assigning phone directories, and viewing per device configuration files.

SNAPmobile is a SIP soft client that extends VoIP functionality beyond the land line or desktop. It brings features of the NetSapiens platform directly to end-user’s mobile devices as a Unified Communications solution.

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