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Give your home an internet makeover

HOME is everything these days. It’s a workplace, a library, a movie theater, a gym, a shopping center, and the backdrop for virtual gatherings with family and friends. However, your home can also be a frustration zone if your internet is too slow to handle all the activity. The solution is to upgrade your internet […]


During January and February, Alliance is making some network changes in the Brandon area. You might briefly lose internet at some point between midnight and 5 a.m. If your Internet doesn’t automatically return within 10 minutes, unplug your router and computers from the electrical outlets and plug them back in. Please note: This brief disruption […]

MLB Network Notice

The MLB Network has been removed from the Elite Choice package. This past year Alliance renewed contracts for 35 channels, and MLB Network is the only channel that wasn’t renewed for 2021. In the off season, MLB Network consists of 0.11% of our viewed channels but almost 1.00% of our cost. This cost-to-viewership ratio is […]

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