Parental controls put control back in your hands

Internet parental controls protect two tween boys while they are playing on their smart phones.

Internet parental controls put control back in your hands.

Go ahead and relax. Ultimate Whole Home Wi-Fi comes with Experience IQ parental controls and content restrictions. You can create profiles for family members and manage their screen time, online content and more with the My Alliance Wi-Fi App.

What can you do with parental controls & content restrictions?

  • Instantly pause Wi-Fi to your kids’ devices
  • Restrict searches on Google, Bing or YouTube
  • Block specific websites and restrict sites with inappropriate categories such as pornography or violence
  • Block apps that you deem inappropriate (e.g. gaming apps like Call of Duty or social media apps like Snapchat)
  • Set time limits for specific apps, like TikTok
  • Turn on/off access to apps such as Snapchat by individual devices
  • See where your children spend their time online
  • Set schedules so work apps get priority during the day and streaming apps get priority in the evening

Let kids or grandkids explore safely. Upgrade your home plan today with Ultimate Whole Home Wi-Fi.

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Internet parental controls puts control back in your hands