Astonishingly robust whole home WiFi coverage

Leave no corner of your home uncovered with Ultimate Whole Home WiFi from Alliance. The Blast WiFi 6 Router ensures everyone will experience zero lag and downtime while accessing their favorite entertainment at the same time. If you’re a parent, upgrading to Ultimate Whole Home WiFi also gives you access to enhanced parental controls and security features through the My Alliance WiFi App.

A Whole Lot Better

The new Blast router can connect up to 250+ devices and keep you connected from every corner of your home with uninterrupted surfing and streaming.

A Whole Lot Easier

The Ultimate Whole Home Wifi plan includes a Blast 6 Wifi Router that Alliance will help install and connect to your devices. To ensure you receive a whole lot of reliability, Alliance will manage regular router updates, security updates, and ongoing WiFi optimization, and can fix most problems remotely.

A Whole Lot More Secure

With the new Protect IQ feature*, Ultimate Whole Home Wi-Fi from Alliance actively detects and blocks malicious websites, viruses, malware, phishing scams, ransomware, and more without the need to manage and update any hardware or software.

A Whole Lot More Control

Ultimate Whole Home WiFi  comes with Experience IQ, which lets you turn off WiFi to select devices, schedule offline times, filter content by category, block certain apps and websites, and more.

Enjoy 15+ more benefits and features.

FeaturesUltimate Whole Home WiFi
Monthly cost$9.95
Use of high-powered routerX
Blast Router with certified WiFi 6 technologyX
FREE installation of WiFi networkX
FREE repair or replacement if router malfunctionsX
Automatic router software updatesX
Convenient support using remote assist toolsX
Create a profile for each family memberX
Compatible with Alliance WiFi AppX
Add or remove devices for each profileX
Manually turn off WiFi to all devices on a profileX
Schedule offline timesX
Filter content by categoryX
Allow or block applicationsX
Allow or block websitesX
View usage per profileX
Receive notificationsX
Add time limits to applications per dayX
Enable or disable Safe SearchX
Enable or disable YouTube restrictionsX
Content filter VPN/ProxyX
Malware protectionX
Phishing protectionX
Virus protectionX
Ransom protectionX
Intrusion preventionX
Malicious website protectionX
Create a guest networkX
View a list of devices connected to your networkX
Reset your SSID and passwordX
View your home’s network usageX
Run bandwidth testsX
Integrated with Amazon AlexaX
Additional access point, if needed$3.95

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*Disclaimer: ProtectIQ is an extra layer of protection that protects you from known threats while connected to your home network. No security solution can guarantee 100% protection. This service is designed to prevent outsiders from gaining access to your home network and provides an effective method of monitoring and limiting access. However, it may not prevent some instances of dedicated hackers from gaining unauthorized access to your network.