Keep your personal information away from hackers 24×7

Protect your data with Protect IQ
Protect your data with Protect IQ

Everything from your web browsing to the smart devices installed in your home has the potential to erode your privacy and personal security. You must all do whatever you can to keep your personal information away from hackers.

Your Personally Identifiable Information, known as PII, can include your name, physical home address, email address, telephone numbers, date of birth, marital status, Social Security numbers, medical status, family members, employment, and education.

All this data, whether lost in different data breaches or stolen through cyber attacks, can provide attackers with enough information to conduct identity theft. Hackers can take out loans using your name. They also can compromise online accounts that rely on security questions being answered correctly. In the wrong hands, this information also can be a gold mine for advertisers lacking a moral backbone.

Passwords are the problem

Additionally, the average user has about 26 password-protected accounts but only has five different passwords across these accounts. That makes us more susceptible to hacks, especially brute force attacks.

More than 85 percent of Americans keep track of online passwords by memorizing them. It’s nearly impossible to memorize up to 26 passwords, which is why you should consider installing a password management program. However, a shocking low 12 percent of Americans actually have one installed. Panda Security put together this infographic to show how vulnerable we are to hackers:

Why it's easy for hackers to hack. Panda Security has put this infographic together to show how vulnerable we are to hackers getting our personal information

The Minnesota Attorney General also has a great article to read about this topic: Internet Safety – How to Protect Yourself Against Hackers. Below is a hi-level summary of what you should do to keep your personal information away from hackers:

Protecting Computers and Laptops

  • Make sure your security software is up to date
  • Install antivirus and anti-malware software
  • Disable connections when you aren’t using them

Protecting Cell Phones

  • Create a strong PIN or passcode
  • Only install trusted applications
  • Keep your software up to date

Protecting Other Internet-Connected Devices

  • Review your network and device names
  • Create unique passwords for all devices

Protecting Online Accounts

  • Delete suspicious emails
  • Use secure devices
  • Create strong passwords
  • Use multifactor authentication on your accounts
  • Sign up for account alerts

If Your Device or Online Accounts are Hacked

  • Have devices inspected
  • Change your passwords
  • Monitor financial accounts
  • Notify others
  • Watch out for other users

Let ProtectIQ from Alliance Be Your Defender

With ProtectIQ™, you will receive the internet security you need to keep your personal information away from hackers 24×7. ProtectIQ is a network-level security application that works quietly in the background of our GigaBlast Wi-Fi routers. We’ll proactively keep malicious websites, viruses, and intrusion away from your home 24×7.

The GigaBlast router with ProtectIQ security is automatically included in our Ultimate Whole Home Wi-Fi package. Start protecting your Wi-Fi network today by switching this powerful Wi-Fi plan. Just call us at (605) 582-6311 or fill out the form below.

ProtectIQ guards you from known threats while connected to your home network. Unfortunately, no security solution can guarantee 100% protection. ProtectIQ is designed to prevent outsiders from gaining access to your home network and provides an effective method of monitoring and limiting access.

Keep your home network safe with ProtectIQ, which is included with Ultimate Whole Home Wi-Fi