Internet parental controls help you enforce the rules

Internet parental controls help you set the rules

Internet parental controls are included in Alliance’s NEW Ultimate Whole Home WiFi plan. Now you can protect your children or grandchildren from harmful or inappropriate content, limit screen time on devices or applications, and more. So go ahead and set the rules using the My Alliance WiFi App. Then we’ll help you enforce them.

How will your family benefit from the internet parental control features included in Ultimate Whole Home WiFi?


Provide a safer internet experience based on what you think is appropriate. You can now block entire categories of content like pornography or violence. You also can block applications that you deem inappropriate like Call of Duty or Snap Chat.

Time Limits

It’s very easy for kids to get lost in social applications. You now can set time limits to create healthier routines and enforce boundaries. Limit time for individual apps like TikTok or YouTube. You can set limits by day, category of content or for individual websites.


Receive push notifications for various events like time limits or when a new device connects to your network.


Set schedules for dinnertime, bedtime or school time. Schedules shut off internet access for every device assigned to a profile.


View the time spent online per category, app or website, and compare time online today, last week or in the past month.


Pause the internet for any individual family member, device or the whole house with a tap of a button.

Safe Search

Set Safe Search and YouTube Restrictions to block harmful or inappropriate content when searching on Google, Bing or YouTube. YouTube restrictions also block all comments on videos which often include inappropriate language.

My Priorities

Prioritize applications or specific devices to ensure the best possible internet experience. Set schedules so that work applications get priority during day, and streaming applications get priority in the evening. By prioritizing your devices, you can prevent your son’s gaming from disrupting your video conference calls.

In additional to awesome internet parental controls, Ultimate Whole Home WiFi includes a powerful router and protection from viruses, malware and more. Alliance also will professionally install your new WiFi network.

Switch to Ultimate Whole Home WiFi today for only $11.95/month. Simply fill out the form below, or call 611 from any phone with Alliance service or (605) 582-6311.

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