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As a member of the Brandon, SD community, you have access to the only communications cooperative in the area. Alliance’s customer-owners receive the best services and prices, plus an elite fiber-to-the-home network.  To ensure the vision of our cooperative is shared, our customers elect nine fellow owners to the Alliance Communications Board of Directors to attend monthly board meetings.

Latest News

Construction of rural Beresford’s fiber internet network has started

Alliance CEO Ross Petrick and COO Andy Hulscher review construction maps for rural Beresford's new fiber network during a meeting with contractors in March. Construction crews are arriving in the rural Beresford area to start building a new fiber-optic internet network. About 500 locations outside of Beresford city limits now have the option of receiving [...]

Annual Meeting Scheduled for Thursday, May 30

Alliance's Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday, May 30, 2024. We’ll have satellite locations from 10 a.m. to noon at the Alcester Golf Club and the Howard Golf Course. The primary location will be the Brandon Valley High School from 3 p.m. to 5:15 p.m., and the annual meeting presentation will follow at 5:30 [...]

Capital Credits Checks to arrive this April

At Alliance, our cooperative thrives because of the exceptional people like you who make up our communities. When Alliance performs well financially, we share our success with our customer-owners in their capital credits checks. This year, you'll receive a payout if you were a cooperative customer in 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2014, or 2013, and/or [...]

Boys State High School Basketball Tournaments

South Dakota boys state high school basketball tournaments begin today. Here are ways you can watch the games through Alliance Communications and online AA Boys Basketball – Channels 179 or 999 A Boys Basketball – Channels 178 or 998 B Boys Basketball – Channels 307 or 997 https://www.sdpb.org/hsactivities/sports/basketball/ Good luck to all of the teams! […]

Alliance Communications to host educational sessions on streaming options

Are you thinking about cancelling your traditional cable TV service and switching to streaming? We know the thought may feel overwhelming. Join us as we talk about the steps to switch to streaming, some of the popular streaming services offered, and how Alliance can help! We have 3 sessions left.  We will be in Brandon […]

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Alliance Communications in Brandon, SD

Alliance Communications: Your One-Stop Solution for Watch TV Everywhere, Allstream, Basic Cable, and Whole Home WiFi in Brandon, SD

Get Alliance Internet Service Now!

Alliance Communications is a leading provider of WiFi and cable services in Brandon, South Dakota, offering a wide range of solutions designed to enhance your entertainment and connectivity experience.

Brandon, South Dakota, while close to Sioux Falls, offers the best of both worlds with it’s small town charm and big time access to services, amenities, and events nearby.

Brandon SD and Alliance Communications – Perfect Together!

Home of the Brandon Valley Lynx school sports, a good selection businesses along Splitrock Blvd, and the SD Brandon Branch Library, there’s nothing that new residents need that isn’t available in Brandon. As part of the Alliance commitment to the communities we serve, Alliance awards a scholarship each year to an awardee in our service area.

Brandon Valley Lynx Logo From Alliance Communications, Best Internet Service Brandon, SD

Whether you are a new Brandon, SD resident or a long time BV Lynx fan, Alliance can offer internet service that is unparalleled in customer satisfaction and the fastest speeds available for whole home wifi in Brandon, SD.

Allstream Now: The New Way To Watch TV Using High Speed Internet

With AllStream Now, you’re free from cable TV boxes and equipment fees! Our easy-to-install app doesn’t need an installation appointment.

While connected to Alliance Internet, your entertainment will be accessible to you via smartphones, tablets, and Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K streaming devices and includes channels like ESPN, TNT, HGTV, and Disney, along with programming from broadcast stations that are local to the Brandon, SD area.

The Best Internet Service Brandon, SD Comes From Alliance Communications

For $12/month, you can watch AllStream Now on five devices at the same time, and you can add it to a total of 19 devices.

Plus, you’ll receive 80 hours of DVR space and one complimentary Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. Ready to learn more about Allstream Now?

Never Miss Your Favorite Shows on the Go With Watch TV Everywhere and Fiber Internet

Watch TV Everywhere technology and Cloud DVR allows you to watch whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want, in Brandon, SD and beyond.

Fiber To Home Speeds Up To 1 Gig And No Data Caps

And when you bundle your TV with our fiber-to-home internet, you’ll not only save money, but you’ll also enhance your streaming experience with speeds up to 1 Gig!

Fastest Internet Service In Brandon, SD Starts With Alliance Communications!

With crystal-clear picture quality, high maximum download speeds, and reliable signal strength, you can enjoy an unparalleled TV viewing experience with Alliance Communications’ Watch TV Everywhere.

Whole Home WiFi Internet Service Brandon SD: Seamlessly Connect Your Devices for Enhanced Connectivity

Stay connected from any corner of your home with our Ultimate Whole Home WiFi network. Alliance Communications’ Whole Home WiFi service provides seamless connectivity throughout your home wireless network, allowing your connected devices to deliver consistent and fast service with no lag and no downtime, even when everyone is streaming their favorite shows at the same time.

Whole Home Wifi Providing Maximum Speeds With The Best Internet Service In Brandon, SD From Alliance Communications

Not All Internet Service Providers Help You Like Alliance Communications

With 24/7 support, advanced WiFi technology, strategically-placed access points, and security updates, Alliance handles the details so you don’t have to.

The Best Wifi in Brandon, SD Now Benefits The Community With Alliance’s Keep The Change Program

Alliance Communication’s Keep the Change program is making Brandon, SD a better place to live. The funds are voluntarily donated by generous Alliance customers and are given back to community, school, and nonprofit organizations. Click to learn more about how the Keep The Change Program impacts Brandon, SD!

Reliable, Fast, Affordable – Everything You Want From Your Internet Provider Brandon, SD

Whole Home WiFi internet service ensures reliable and fast internet coverage in every room of your home. Need assistance configuring your connection type? Our 24/7 technical support folks are here when you need us.

Looking For The Best Internet Provider In Brandon, SD? You Found Us!

Alliance Communications can help! Looking for ways to maximize internet speeds in your home? Ask Alliance Communications! Wondering which Internet service is right for you, based on home office and lots of connected devices, we can help! Looking for Business Internet service in Brandon, SD? Count on Alliance!

Lifeline Program: Affordable Communication Solutions for Eligible Residents From Your Internet Provider In Brandon, SD

Alliance Communications is an eligible telecommunications carrier and participates in the Lifeline program. Lifeline is a federally-funded affordable connectivity program (ACP) available to South Dakota households, providing discounted communication services to eligible consumers in low-income households at a low monthly price.

Lifeline Program Provider Alliance Communications Offers The Best Internet Service Wifi Brandon SD for Low Income Customers

Affordability And Customer Satisfaction From Brandon SD’s Best Wifi Service Provider

The Lifeline Program offers affordable and reliable voice and internet services from SD Internet providers in Brandon, helping bridge the digital divide and ensuring access to essential communication services for Brandon-area community members. Visit Alliance Communications Lifeline Program to learn more.

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