Stop viruses, phishing, malware and more with Ultimate Whole Home Wi-Fi

Ultimate Whole HOme Wi-Fi gives you a safrer internet experience. Stop viruses, phishing, malware and more with Ultimate Whole Home Wi-Fi's new Protect IQ feature.

Stop viruses, phishing, malware and more with Ultimate Whole Home Wi-Fi and its new Protect IQ feature.

Ultimate Whole Home Wi-Fi actively detects and blocks malicious websites, viruses, advanced threats and more using Protect IQ. You don’t need to manage any hardware or software. Simple!

Since hackers are getting more sophisticated at gaining access to networks and creating havoc, it’s time to protect yourself.

What is Protect IQ doing to keep your network safe?

Protect IQ monitors your home’s incoming traffic and blocks anything suspicious. When a security issue occurs, you’ll receive a notification with details about the attacked device, where the attack came from, and when the attack occurred.

When was the last time you updated the virus protection for your smart doorbell or thermostat?

Virus protection solutions (like Norton or McAfee) don’t protect everything. They might protect a laptop or desktop, but there is no protection for your smart home devices. You can’t install virus protection on a Nest Thermostat or Ring Doorbell.

How many times have you ignored the suggested virus protection updates for your computer?

Protect IQ updates every single week and guards every connected device in your home from known threats. You don’t need to worry about manual updates.

Did you know hackers can see into your home network through unprotected connected devices?

Devices like Amazon Echo, Nest, security cameras, and our phones constantly push data back to the Cloud. Hackers want to steal this information. Protect IQ constantly monitors the traffic in your network to block intrusions and threats.

Stop viruses, phishing, malware and more today with Ultimate Whole Home Wi-Fi. Dial 611 from any phone with Alliance service or (605) 582-6311, or send us a message here.

And now a message from our lawyers: ProtectIQ is an extra layer of protection that protects you from known threats while connected to your home network. No security solution can guarantee 100% protection. This service is designed to prevent outsiders from gaining access to your home network and provides an effective method of monitoring and limiting access. However, it may not prevent some instances of dedicated hackers from gaining unauthorized access to your network. Alliance does not and will not accept liability for any losses or damage to customer’s data or network as a result of not preventing unauthorized access.