Alliance is bringing Internet to Rowena and East Renner areas

Alliance is bringing Internet to Rowena and East Renner areas outlined on this map

Alliance is bringing internet to the Rowena and East Renner areas thanks to a grant we received through the State of South Dakota.

These residents live only a few miles outside of Sioux Falls. However, many have struggled to work and learn online during the Covid-19 pandemic due to a lack of reliable internet. Soon they will receive some relief after Alliance brings fiber-optic Internet to the Rowena and East Renner areas.

Customers who live within the qualifying areas need to register their address if they’re interested in receiving internet from Alliance.

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Ellen Fiscus lives in one of the Rowena area homes that will receive internet through Alliance thanks to a grant. As both a farmer and healthcare telecommuter, she was one of many residents who supported Alliance’s grant application to bring fiber-optic Internet to her area.

“As a permanent remote healthcare worker who works out of my home office, I have been supporting clinicians enduring the COVID-19 crisis,” Fiscus said. “When I suddenly lose internet, I’m not able to join meetings or perform my work duties. It’s frustrating for me and those who depend on me. As a result of the unreliable internet, my work dependability has gone down, which impacts my reliability as an employee. It’s incredible to know I could lose my job because of where I live and unreliable internet.”

Alliance Communications, which has offices in Brandon, Baltic and Garretson, received one of 14 grants. We will use the funds to help bring fiber-optic internet to approximately 174 homes and 12 businesses.

Alliance is bringing internet to Rowena and East Renner when construction starts this fall. Then customers can begin using internet with symmetrical speeds of up to 1 gig this winter.