Get up to 500 Mbps with Internet over fiber optics!

Alliance High Speed Internet gives you the capacity to connect multiple devices with ease. Go ahead and let your family stream video, video chat, blog, download, surf, game, work and play all at the same time. 

All packages come with these benefits:

  • NEW! Symmetrical speeds for fast downloads AND uploads
  • No modem needed!
  • No contracts
  • No sharing bandwidth with your neighbors
  • FREE 24/7 tech support
  • Two FREE email addresses

Depending on the age and brand of your computers, routers, wireless devices, and/or gaming systems, you may not be able to receive higher-end speeds.

500 x 500

Enjoy maximum upload speed! Connect all of your devices and push them to their limits. This speed will instantly propel you to the top.

Monthly cost is $100/month plus sales tax.

250 x 250

The gold standard for serious Internet users. Multiple devices can do intense activities at the same time.

Monthly cost is $79.95/month plus sales tax.

100 x 100

This speed will thrill the video streamers in your home. You will notice sharp increases in download performance.

Monthly cost is $59.95/month plus sales tax.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently asked questions about Internet over fiber optics

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  2. Additional Internet Services

    Website hosting, domain name hosting, static IPs and extension email accounts.

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  3. Whole Home Wi-Fi

    Correctly setting up and maintaining a Wi-Fi network can be overwhelming. Alliance’s new Whole Home Wi-Fi is an easy and convenient solution.

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  4. Spam and Virus Filter

    Protect your computer and email with Alliance Communications Spam and Virus filter. Our anti spam mail filter will help safeguard against online threats.

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