The region’s best fiber-optic internet

The Alliance fiber-to-home network ensures that your internet connection is the best in the region. With Alliance Internet, you’ll enjoy equally fast upload and download speeds that benefit everyone from at-home workers to avid gamers.

As an Alliance owner, your connection is all yours.

The Benefits of Fiber-to-Home Internet

  • Uninterrupted internet for gaming, TV streaming, and working from home.
  • Truly unlimited internet with no data caps, overages fees, or speed reductions.
  • Rapid 24/7 tech support from Alliance employees who live and work near you.
  • Our 100 percent fiber network is protected from harsh summer heat and frigid winter temps because it’s completely underground.

Need help deciding which speed to choose? Try this Speed Estimator Tool.

500 mbps x 500 mbps for $79.95 per month
250 mbps x 250 mbps for $69.95 per month
100 mbps x 100 mbps for $59.95 per month
50 mbps x 50 mbps for $49.95 per month
Whole Home Wi-Fi AC RouterStarting at $7.95/mo
Whole Home Wi-Fi Access Point$3.95/mo
Static IP$10/mo
Alliance Email Account$1 each/month (two included)
Spam and Virus Filter$2.50/mo
Maintenance Plan$2.00/mo

As a friendly reminder, you should update your devices every 3-4 years to ensure you receive the best online experience. Depending on the age and brand of your computers, routers, wireless devices, and/or gaming systems, you may not be able to receive higher-end speeds.

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