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Fast Internet is like riding a motorcycle

Does speed get your heart racing? Those thrills aren’t limited to a snowy trail. Accelerate your internet speed with this insanely fast plan:


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Your upload speed is just as important as your download.  That’s why Alliance offers symmetrical speeds over its 100% fiber-optic network. Alliance’s Internet plans do not have data caps, speed reductions or overage fees.

LEAD WHEN IT COMES TO SPEED. You only have to click the Shop Now button below. Or call 611 from any Alliance phone or (605) 582-6311 from your cell phone.

Not sure how much speed your household needs? Use our Speed Estimator tool to find out.

As a friendly reminder, your ability to receive fast speeds depends on the age and brand of your computers, routers, wireless devices, and/or gaming systems. To receive the best online experience, you should update your devices every 3-4 years.