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Below you will find user guides and video tutorials for your Voice Mail service. You can manage your Voice Mail settings from your computer using the Web Portal

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Voice Mail User Guides
Voice Mail Video Tutorials

Click the links below to view video tutorials on using Voice Mail.

Record Your First Greeting

Record Your Second Greeting

Re-record an Existing Greeting

Record Your Name

Change Your Password

Listen to New Message

Listen to Saved Messages

Reply to a Message

Send a Message

Send Voice Mail Messages to Email

Forward a Message

Play the Current Date and Time

Change Auto-login

Change Daily Notification

Change Language

Change Out-Dial Number

Forward your Voice Mail messages to your email

This feature sends your Voice Mail messages to your email inbox so you can listen to your messages on your computer. If you use this feature, your messages are still accessible on your phone.

Click here for the Voice Mail to Email user guide.

Click below to view the Voice Mail to Email video tutorial.

Manage your Voice Mail using an Internet Web Portal

The Web Portal gives you enhanced management over your voice mail messages. You can change your settings, including your PIN, email notification for sending your messages to your email inbox, and more.

You can manage greetings, which allows you to upload new greetings and quickly change between greetings when you’re away. The Web Portal also gives you the ability to set a schedule for greetings to work at specific times and also for specific callers.

Along with the convenience of managing personal settings, you can listen to messages and save/delete messages from the Web Portal. With the Web Portal, you may never need to access your messages via your phone!

The Web Portal is fully functional with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla. There is limited functionality with Internet Explorer and Safari.

Web Portal User Guide for Voice Mail

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