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Anonymous Caller Rejection - $1.50/month
Reject incoming callers who block their names and phone numbers. The caller receives a message that you do not take blocked calls.

Automatic Callback - $1.50/month

Keep trying a busy line while you're doing other things. Your phone will continue to redial a busy number and tell you when that line is free.

Call Blocking - Free
Stop your telephone number and name from appearing on Caller ID displays. This free feature is activated on all phone lines but requires you to press *67 each time you make a call.

Call Forwarding - $1/month
Don't miss important calls. This feature transfers incoming calls to another number of your choice. This works for after-hours business calls at home or other calls you don't want to miss.

Call Waiting - $1/month
Receive a tone that alerts you to an incoming call while you’re already on the line. Put the first party on hold while you answer the second call.

Call Trace - Free
Track harassing callers through the phone company. This feature allows you to initiate a trace on the last incoming call. A printout of the originating telephone number will be forwarded to the local telephone office.

Distinctive Ringing - $1.50/month
Designate important callers with a distinctive ring. You define the list of numbers getting special treatment with their own ring.

International Block - Free
This free blocking feature prevents calls to international telephone numbers.

Line Blocking - Free
Unlike the standard Blocking feature, you can automatically stop your telephone number and name from appearing on Caller ID displays every time you make a call. That means you do not need to enter *67 each time you want your information blocked. This is standard for unpublished numbers. You can request this free option.

900# block - Free
This free blocking feature prevents calls to 1-900 telephone numbers.

Selective Call Forwarding - $1.50/month
Make sure those special calls get to you wherever you go. Your phone transfers only calls from the numbers you choose.

Three-Way Calling - $1/month
Easily turn an everyday two-way phone call into a three-way conversation.

Toll Denial Blocking - Free
This feature blocks all 0+ and 1+ calls, including 800 numbers, from being made on your phone.

Toll Denial Allow 800 - $1/month
This feature blocks toll calls from being made on your phone but allows the use of 800 numbers.

Selective Toll Restriction - $1/month
Block long distance calling at your discretion. A four-digit personal identification number allows access to long distance calling.

Unblocking - Free
Release your phone number if you have line blocking. All customers with unpublished numbers have Line Blocking. This feature lets you choose when to let your number out.

Value Line - $3/month
Get two numbers to ring on the same line. This feature offers a distinctive ring for each number and is a popular choice for fax machine users.

Long distance changes may apply.

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