Internet that's all yours.

Alliance Communications provides Internet and telephone services to portions of South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa, and now, we are expanding into your neighborhood!

As an Alliance customer, you will have access to an elite fiber-optic network. With a fiber network, customers receive their services over optical fiber rather than copper telephone wires or coaxial cable. Connecting homes directly to fiber optics give you more bandwidth and Internet that is “All Yours,” and not shared with your neighborhood. With Alliance Internet, you’ll enjoy equally fast upload and download speeds, uninterrupted and unlimited internet, and 24/7 tech support.

High-speed internet is an important part of our rural communities. That’s why we’re expanding our services to the outskirts of Harrisburg and Tea to give rural residents, like yourself, the connection you deserve.

If you want Alliance’s services, you need to let us know by registering your address. That way we include your location in our construction plans. Register your address by February 28, 2022, to get one free month of fiber-optic internet from Alliance.

500 mbps x 500 mbps for $79.95 per month
300 x 300 internet speed for $69.95 per month
200 x 200 internet speed for $59.95 per month
100 x 100 internet speed for $49.95 per month

Ultimate Whole Home Wi-Fi

Our Ultimate Whole Home Wi-Fi plan includes a new router, installation, Wi-Fi network security, and content controls for $11.95/month.

Phone Services

Enjoy the security of a landline with caller ID, call waiting, and voicemail for $21/month.

Network Construction

Network construction will begin in spring 2022. Homes will be connected to internet/phone service between late fall 2022 and summer 2023. These timelines are subject to change based on the availability of fiber-optic cabling and weather conditions.

Phase 1 construction will take place southwest of Sioux Falls between Tea and Lennox (see yellow outline below).

Phase 2 will take place south of Sioux Falls between Harrisburg and Worthing (see blue outline below).

Phase 3 will take place southeast of Sioux Falls between Granite and Canton (see yellow outline below).

Meet Our Customers

Marco & Laura are the fourth generation to farm and run Cherry Rock Farms outside of Brandon, where they rely on Alliance to efficiently sell their fresh, organically-grown produce. They said, “We need high-speed internet to run credit card transactions so we can get our customers through the line in a timely manner. It can be tricky to find high-speed internet in rural locations, so we greatly appreciate that Alliance is able to help us.”

Get One Month Free

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* Customers who register their address by Monday, Feb. 28, 2022, will receive a free month of fiber-optic internet on their bill for their fourth month of service. Alliance also is waiving the construction fee, which includes burying a fiber-optic line to your primary home or your primary business. We will explain any additional costs to you and receive your prior approval, if applicable. Alliance charges a $35 installation fee, which includes installing services inside of your primary home or primary business. There might be additional costs if you have requests beyond a standard installation. We will explain any additional costs to you and receive your prior approval. You can receive up to $40 in one-time credits if you sign up to receive your monthly bill by email only and you pay your monthly bill through automatic bank payment. Please read the Broadband Facilities Construction Terms of Service.