Duplicate channels to be removed on Tuesday, June 11, 2024

A family is watching TV in the living room. For TVs connected on a DVR or set-top box, duplicate channels will be removed on Tuesday, June. 11. However, this change will have a minimal impact on TV service.

Family watching TV

On Tuesday, June 11, we’ll be removing the duplicate standard definition channels from the lineups of TVs connected to an Alliance DVR or set-top box.  If a channel only appears in standard definition, that channel will NOT be removed because it is not a duplicate.

For many years, we offered channels in both standard definition and high definition to accommodate the different televisions in customers’ homes. For example, ABC-KSFY airs on channels 9 and 309, and ESPN appears on channels 22 and 322.

Because most customers have upgraded to high-definition televisions, we no longer need two separate video feeds of the same channel.

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