Switch to an online bill and get a one-time $20 credit


Receive a one-time $20 credit by choosing to receive your bill only online.

Not only will you reduce paper clutter, but you’ll also have extra money in your bank account.

After you sign up to receive your bill online, you’ll receive an email from Alliance on or before the first of the month that lets you know your bill is ready to view on Alliance’s website. Then just login to estatement.alliancecom.net/ebill to view your bill.

Here’s how you sign up to receive your bill online:
1. Go to estatement.alliancecom.net/ebill and register for an account or sign in.
2. Then click on the Settings tab.
3. Next click on the General tab.
4. Under Invoice Preferences, select Web Bill Only.
5. Click on the Change Preferences button.

Then the one-time $20 credit will appear on your bill within two months. If you need help signing up, contact us here.

This is a limited time offer and is only valid one time per account.