Gig Internet Speeds Are Here

Find out what internet speed fits you best!

Gig internet speeds are here. But did you know that internet speeds from 50 to 250 megabits-per-second are generally sufficient for light-usage homes with only a few users and devices to high-demand homes with multiple users and devices? Alliance Communications, a customer-owned internet provider, recently launched an easy quiz to help customers find out what internet speed fits them the best.

People often don’t realize that most online activities demand much less than a gig to function smoothly. We recommend a Gig to our ultra-high streamers, gamers, and even business owners. Only a small number of customers will fully benefit from a Gig, but we have it available for those who need it.

Previously, Alliance’s fiber-to-home network provided internet plans ranging from 50-500 megabits-per-second (Mbps). Now with the ‘Gig’ offering, Alliance customers have access to even more speed if they need it.

We want to help our customers understand the reality of their internet speed needs. It’s not our intention to upsell customers into thinking they need an ultra-high speed when their usage doesn’t require it.

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