MLB Network Notice

The MLB Network has been removed from the Elite Choice package. This past year Alliance renewed contracts for 35 channels, and MLB Network is the only channel that wasn’t renewed for 2021.

In the off season, MLB Network consists of 0.11% of our viewed channels but almost 1.00% of our cost. This cost-to-viewership ratio is high.

Since MLB Network requires year-round payment for on-and-off-season content, we have decided not to renew this channel. We are allocating the savings to increased rates for other channels like Midco Sports, ESPN and FSN and the 35 other channels we renewed for 2021.

Even though our internal statistics show this channel had low viewership among our customers, we know some of you will miss it. If you’re one of those people, MLB Network content can be viewed from other satellite and streaming providers. In 2021 most Twins games will appear on FSN (channel 332).