Call 811 before you dig

Call 811 before digging






Remember to call 811 before you dig. Now more than ever, calling 811 is essential to keep people connected. All sorts of utility lines, pipes, and cables could be buried on your property. In some cases, they’re close to the surface and easily damaged by even shallow digging, which can result in service interruptions to your neighborhood.

That’s why every digging job — from planting a bush to installing a fence — requires you to call 811 before you dig at least two days in advance to have utility lines marked. Simply tell the operator where you’re planning to dig and what type of work you’ll be doing. You also can contact your state’s One Call service online at,, The affected local utilities will send a locator to your property, free of charge. Then you’ll know what’s below and be able to dig safely.

Don’t forget about your easements!

Some residents have agreed to utility easements as landowners or purchased land with easements attached to it. Remember, they are legally binding agreements that may impact your ability to install a fence, build onto your house, construct a shed, and plant trees and shrubbery. Review your legal documentation before beginning any projects.

As your customer-owned communications provider, we thank you in advance for your help!