Watch your mailbox this April for money from Alliance

Alliance customers will receive $8 million in capital credits. Alliance customer receives capital credits check in the mail.

Alliance customers to receive $8 million in capital credits

Alliance customers will receive $8 million in capital credits this April. So if you were an Alliance cooperative customer between 2001 and 2018, you will receive a portion of the $8 million that is being paid out this year!

When Alliance does well financially, we share that success with our customers. Often Alliance’s good fortune comes from our successful business partnerships, business expansions, or the sale or expansion of assets acquired over the years, not just your personal bill. In other words, you benefit from the other things we do outside of providing you with Internet, cable TV and phone services!

Why do customers receive capital credits?

Alliance is a customer-owned communications cooperative. At the end of each year, Alliance determines whether there is excess revenue called margins. Alliance then allocates the margins to our customer-owners based on their purchases during the year.

  • If your capital credits amount is higher than $20, you will receive a check in the mail around the middle of April.
  • If your amount is $20 or less, you will receive a credit on your April bill.

The dollar amount you receive depends on how long you’ve been a customer and the number of services you’ve purchased.

By contrast, investor-owned providers like Century Link, Midco, Verizon or AT&T don’t share their financial successes with their customers. Instead, they give their profits to outside investors or shareholders who almost never live in your community. Usually, they don’t even live in your same state.

You make the Alliance cooperative stronger, and that makes your community stronger. By putting money back into the pockets of our members, we’re keeping money in our local communities.

We hope you enjoy your Alliance services and yearly capital credits check. They are ALL YOURS. We look forward to sharing our continued success with you in the future. Stick around and see what Alliance has in store for you going forward.

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