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Internet security is a complex issue. See the topics below for some helpful advice.

How do I avoid getting spam?

The best way to reduce Spam is by adding a Spam filter to your Alliance e-mail address. Spam messages are diverted to a "greymail" box so you can read them if you choose to do so. You can purchase both the virus and Spam filters for $2.50 per month. Dial 611 to have the features added to your Internet account.

Alliance's email virus filter?

Hundreds of new computer viruses are discovered every week. Even the country’s top Internet security professionals recommend that you have layers of protection.

You should have both Alliance’s e-mail filter and anti-virus software to give your computer the best protection possible. There are two main differences between Alliance’s e-mail filter and anti-virus software like those offered by Norton or McAfee.

  1. Alliance’s e-mail filter is updated for you automatically. You don’t have to perform any extra steps to receive the latest protection. 
  2. Alliance’s e-mail filter protects your Alliance e-mail account. Anti-virus software protects you from receiving viruses through numerous sources including web pages, files you download, etc. You, however, still must set aside time to run the updates on your computer.

By subscribing to Alliance’s e-mail filter and anti-virus software, you’re computer will have the best virus protection possible.

All-inclusive security programs?

Yes. Several are available to help protect you from a variety of online threats. Please conduct your own research to find the program that's right for you.

Do I need security programs?

It’s only a matter of time before you run into trouble if you don’t protect your computer.

Block inappropriate material?

Internet safety is a rapidly growing concern. Families depend on the Internet, but parents must maintain an appropriate environment for their children.

Below are links to some well-known filtering programs:

Net Nanny

Norton Internet Security at and McAfee Internet Security Suite at offer parental controls plus ad blocker, anti-virus, privacy control, anti-spam and firewall features all in one program.

Please be aware that children and teenagers can easily access pornography through free file-sharing programs. Content filters typically don’t block items accessed through file-sharing programs. Make sure your children haven’t downloaded file-sharing programs onto your computer.

Remember, there is no replacement for Internet safety rules within the home.

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