Please fill out the below form at least 1 week before employee is scheduled to start.  If new equipment will be required please allow an extra 1-3 weeks for delivery and setup.  If this is required before the employee starts IT will need to know far in advance to secure all the equipment needed prior to the Start Date.

New Employee Checklist

Onboarding form

Full Name of new hire
Preferred Name(if different)
Forms for HR/Accounting
Make sure these forms get to Kari
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Number needed to setup MFA
Does the employee need a new cell phone ordered? If the employee is keeping their own phone they will need to release their number so we can port it to our account.
Where will the employee be working
Will the employee require a laptop/surface/iPad
Will the employee need a desktop
Will the employee need any extra equipment.
For Trainer, make sure employee logs in and runs through the Oxen Technology training before opening e-mail. Also, contact IT in order to get Two Factor Authentication setup for e-mail.
Access to Programs(Required)
Which programs will employee need to be able to access
Access to Programs(Cont'd)(Required)
Which programs will employee need to be able to access