No more stamps and paper invoices

Step 1. Sign up to receive your bill online

  1. Click here and sign up or sign in.
  2. Click on Manage Account.
  3. Click on Invoice Preference.
  4. Select Web Bill Only.

On or before the first of the month, you’ll receive an email that lets you know when your statement is ready to view online.

Step 2. Sign up for Automatic Bank Payment

  1. Fill out the Automatic Bank Payment authorization form included on the back of your bill. Or print and complete this form, and then mail it to Alliance Communications, PO Box 349, Garretson, SD 57030. You can choose to have the deduction from your bank account occur on the 10th, 15th or 20th of each month.
  2. Return the form to Alliance Communications. If we receive your form before the 20th, your automatic bank withdrawal will be activated in time for the upcoming billing.
  3. Your payment will be withdrawn from your account on the date you choose on your Automatic Bank Payment form.

If you sign up for eStatement and Automatic Bank Payment by the 20th, the $15 credit will appear on your next bill.


Yes! I want to learn more about going paperless.

Please contact me about having my bill emailed to me AND paying with Automatic Bank Withdrawal.