Watch your mailboxes, cooperative customers! Capital credit checks are arriving soon.

At Alliance, our cooperative thrives because of the exceptional people like you who make up our communities. When Alliance performs well financially, we share our success with our customer-owners in the form of capital credits.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a cooperative, Alliance does not earn profits. Any earned revenue that goes above the cost of doing business is considered margins. At the end of the year, our margins are allocated to our customer-owners in the form of capital credits checks.

As a cooperative customer-owner, you are eligible to receive capital credits. If you were a cooperative customer between 2011-2020, you will receive a portion of the capital credits paid out in 2022.

You only receive capital credits for the years that you’re an Alliance customer. If you’re no longer a customer because you moved, let us know your current address so we can mail future credits to you.

The dollar amount you receive depends on how long you’ve been a member and the number of services you’ve purchased.

You will receive a check in the mail around mid-April.

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