NEW! Watch the newest hits on your schedule with Movies On Demand

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With On Demand, you can choose from a variety of movies within a large library. Then start watching when it works for you. Click here to see what's available.

How to use Movies on Demand

  1. Just press the On Demand button on your remote. (If that feature isn’t activated on your remote, press your remote’s Menu button. Next arrow down to On Demand and then arrow to the right. Highlight Library and press OK.)
  2. Select the category you’re interested in exploring. Highlight the movie you’d like to watch and press OK.
  3. Select Rent and press the OK button. The purchase information screen will appear containing the movie’s title and price. The purchase screen also will allow you to share the event with the rest of your Whole Home DVR Group. Enter your Purchase PIN, which is defaulted to 0000 until you change it. Select Rent and press the OK button on your remote.
  4. Your movie should begin playing immediately. Most movies will allow you to view your rental at anytime within two days. The charge for your On Demand movie rental will appear on your next Alliance bill.

If you have questions or need help, dial 611 from any phone with Alliance service or call 605-582-6311 from your cell phone.

Pay-per-view movies will no longer be available on channels 800-813. Pay-per-view events will continue to be available for purchase on channel 820, and adult pay-per-view will remain on channels 825 and 826. Due to contract requirements, recording capabilities are not available on Movies on Demand or pay-per-view.

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