Trade Up and Trade In for a Good Cause

Trade up or trade in for a good cause by upgrading your Wi-Fi or disconnecting your cable TV set-top boxes.

Trade up and trade in.

At Alliance, we have a long-standing commitment to making a positive difference in our communities. That’s why we’re having a special promotion to help the seven community food banks throughout our service areas ahead of the holiday season.

Now through Nov. 3 when you upgrade your Wi-Fi router and TV equipment, we’ll make a cash donation to the local food banks to help them prepare for their busy holiday season!

We’ll contribute $5 per router upgrade and $5 per disconnected set-top box/DVR up to $7,000 total. Contact us before Friday, Nov. 3, 2023, to be included.

TRADE UP to a more powerful router

Upgrade to Alliance’s GigaSpire Blast router, which automatically comes with our Ultimate Whole Home Wi-Fi plan. For no cost, we’ll come to your home and install a GigaSpire Blast Wi-Fi 6 router, which has the newest AX Wi-Fi 6 technology.

Additionally, the Blast Wi-Fi router includes the Protect IQ feature, which actively protects your Wi-Fi-connected devices from malicious websites, viruses, malware, phishing scams, ransomware, and more. Plus, you’ll get the Experience IQ feature, so you can turn off Wi-Fi to select devices, schedule offline times, filter content by category, block certain apps and websites, and more.

As a special thank you, we’ll let you use your new router for free for two months following your trade up. Then the regular $9.95/month charge will apply the third month.

TRADE IN your cable TV equipment

Disconnect your cable TV set-top boxes/DVRs and switch to Alliance’s new AllStreamNow or to an independent streaming service (ex. YouTube TV, Hulu Live, Paramount+). Compare streaming options and costs here.

We encourage you to explore your TV options. Many services come with flexible options that aren’t available through traditional cable TV due to programming contract restrictions.

To get started,  click the button below or call (605) 582-6311 or dial 611 from any phone with Alliance service.