Many popular Christmas movies moved from Freeform to AMC

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This year AMC won exclusive rights to several popular Christmas movies. Previously, many of these movies aired on Freeform, which Alliance carries and is owned by Disney.

About three years ago, Alliance chose not to sign the new contract from AMC Networks. The implications included in the new contract amounted to more than just a few dollars each month. It’s much greater than that. Please know that decisions to drop or not carry channels are not easy, and we strive to balance the needs of all customers.

We know customers want the ability to customize their channel lineups and pay just for the channels or shows they want. We wish we could give you that flexibility. However, cable contracts prohibit us from giving you that option. As an example, AMC Networks Inc. requires us to carry multiple channels, not just AMC. This requirement increases costs for all customers for many years, not just those who want AMC for this month or for one specific show.

We would consider adding AMC in the future if the new AMC Networks contract offers more flexibility and reasonable pricing. We aren’t hopeful that AMC Networks will accept less money, however.

Some customers have mentioned that they’ve switched to streaming TV options and are using over-the-air antennas for local channels. We think those are great ideas! Because of the cable TV industry’s current nature, we’re stuck with our contracts and bulk limitations (for now), but you’re not. If you desire more flexibility, the Internet can likely provide it. We’ve put together a list of alternatives so you can watch the Christmas movies airing on AMC without cable TV. Most of these services have a free trial.

Cable TV prices are only going to continue increasing. Please know that about 97% of your cable bill covers programming and broadcasting fees. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to try a streaming TV service for a more ala carte experience. Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.

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