Missing Wi-Fi coverage in some rooms of your home?

Posted on Tuesday Mar 12th

Posted in News, Internet

If your home has rooms where you experience a poor Wi-Fi connection or no connection at all, the problem isn’t with your internet service — it’s with your Wi-Fi network. You may have an insufficient Wi-Fi router or it may be placed in the wrong location. We offer Whole Home Wi-Fi to address these challenges and provide reliable Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home (and even in your garage and yard).

Sun outages impact cable TV every March

Posted on Monday Mar 4th

Posted in News, Cable TV

The sun can impact your cable TV service every spring and can take down a satellite’s signal in the afternoon for up to 15 minutes at a time. Sun outages are caused by a phenomenon called “solar satellite interference.” These brief outages occur when the sun passes directly behind satellites transmitting cable signals. Solar radiation and energy from the sun interferes with the satellite’s signal and causes a brief signal outage.

MLB Network update

Posted on Monday Mar 4th

Posted in News, Cable TV

Alliance reached a new contract agreement with MLB Network over the weekend, and the channel has returned to the lineup. The contract expired March 1, and Alliance removed MLB Network. However, negotiations continued over the weekend, and Alliance and MLB Network came to an agreement. Alliance regularly renegotiates contracts with content providers. During this process, Alliance must evaluate the new contract’s rates against the channel’s overall viewership. We’re happy to report that we were able to negotiate better terms for MLB Network, which ultimately benefits you and the price you pay for cable TV.

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