Get Philo on your iPhone and watch on the go!

Posted on Thursday Feb 14th

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Watch your favorite shows on HGTV, AMC, Comedy Central and more than 40 other channels. With Philo’s save feature, you can record all the episodes of your favorite shows with one click. Watch your favorite shows on Philo instantly, no credit card needed to start. Start your free trial in 10 seconds with just a phone number.

NY Times article mentions Alliance’s fiber-optic expansion into Rock County, MN

Posted on Thursday Feb 7th

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Alliance’s successful expansion into Rock County, MN, was mentioned in this NY Times article. “There are true heroes of rural broadband, like Alliance Communications, the cooperative that manages the fiber optic network in Rock County, Minn. … These local companies and cooperatives are more interested in serving their members and communities with a public service than in a short-term return on investment.”

Impersonators Use Emergency Scams to Steal Money

Posted on Tuesday Feb 5th

Posted in News

Let’s say you got a sudden call or message from someone you care about, such as a relative, telling you they were in trouble and in desperate need of assistance. Chances are, your first instinct would be to do whatever you could to help. That’s just what the perpetrators of so called “emergency scams” are counting on.

Turn Your Smart Speaker into Command Central for Your Smart Home

Posted on Tuesday Jan 29th

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Technology continues to develop at an astonishing pace in all areas of life. From driverless cars to cryptocurrency to amazing apps, the world seems more like a sci-fi movie every year. Our houses are no exception, and consumers are taking steps to create smart homes that automatically turn on lights, play music, and even clean at the push of a button or voice command.

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